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It is a Job oriented computer course to improve knowledge and skills and learn about new development in Ms Office and social media before join a job. We train to become an expert in computer skills before entering in a Job Market, and also we teach above 30 age people to use Computer, Laptop and Mobile.


We recommend everyone that they should practice improving their English typing skills faster and get more work done in less time.


Microsoft Word is an MS-Office application used for various official and non-official works worldwide. It is installed and used in almost all the offices for official works.
Learning Microsoft Word is very helpful for people and in business to create resume, letters, invoices, bills, work schedule, forms, bills, business cards, business plan and to make school/college notes, cover pages for eBooks and for writing or creating eBook’s and for writing blog articles etc. and various others things by using Microsoft Word.


Microsoft Excel is used to perform mathematical calculation such as the calculation of business expenditure or income. It is also used to analyse, filter a large amount of meaningless data into meaningful information. It is used to visualize that data and information so it will become easier to understand and to find out new conclusion or to faster the decision-making process.
The similarity between Microsoft Word and Excel is that it is both are packaged applications of MS-Office. And it is used in Education, Business by various people for financial and official management.


Microsoft PowerPoint is another important application to learn and it’s easiest than Microsoft Word and Excel. Mostly the works you have to do in Microsoft PowerPoint is to represent or present the data and information by using Slide Shows, transition and animation effects as well as charts, smart art, and formatting tools in meetings and seminars.
All above are used in the almost all kind of businesses and organization on daily basis.


Many people can say that, its advanced skills. Yes, it’s advance method to market products and services on the Internet by using social media websites. You, your relative or anyone you know have a business. They are selling products or providing services. Now those people are marketing or not marketing their products on the Internet. But if they do it, they will get more benefits than the traditional method of marketing.
Advance can be basic. Today, it’s trending method for business owners and companies to promote their business online. If you learn such skills, it will be easier for you to get a job, or get a promotion, the more you learn the better you will become in anything that you do. And you share such knowledge with those people, and explanation them how Internet marketing or social media marketing is beneficial.


Blogging and content writing is another demanding and most creative field. It is a complete business promotion or online learning method. Internet marketing part is mostly driven by the content.
You can start your own blog website and you can earn money by placing ads on your website. You can provide content writing services for other business websites. You can write content for social media marketing. You can get online jobs by learning content marketing.
Content marketing is a most important basic computer or internet skills especially for students or people looking or thinking to build an online business.


Internet knowledge is not about that know how to search on Google, internet knowledge is not about that you know how to use Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Internet knowledge is about what to search on Google, how to use Facebook for Knowledge, and what are the productive things that you can do by using a computer and the internet.
Research skill is essential for students to find and collect right study material. Research skill is important to the market business. Research skill is important to find out the right job. Research skill is important to collect meaningful data to take a quick decision that will be less risky.
Internet research skills are most recommended by business owners especially when you’re applying for online jobs on freelancing websites. I think it’s really important for people so they will be able to compare what is right or what is wrong, what is right news or what fake news is on the Internet.


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